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Your smile is the key to making your best first impression. When you feel less than confident about meeting new people or laughing during a lunch meeting, it’s time to think about some cosmetic dental treatments to boost your self-esteem and improve how you look in the mirror. At the office of Dr. Hyung Kim, we’ll work with you to discover ways you can get a whiter, brighter, aesthetically pleasing smile!

    • Cosmetic Bonding: Small cracks or chips in your teeth are easily fixed through cosmetic bonding. Using a white resin and UV light, Dr. Kim can be complete these white restorations in one sitting, and you’ll be able to flash your smile immediately after.


    • Cosmetic Recontouring: Teeth that are slightly uneven or longer than others can make your smile look asymmetrical. Recontouring eliminates the inconsistencies and straightens your smile’s appearance by smoothing uneven edges.


    • Dental Implants: Dental implants are a permanent way to replace lost or missing teeth. Without the slippage of dentures or the hassle of partials, implants are the best way to return your aging teeth to a healthy and beautiful smile.


    • Full Restoration: Multiple decayed or missing teeth often result in the need for full mouth reconstruction. This may include installing implants, denture/ implant combos, crowns, or any combination of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. The effect will be a complete smile makeover, restoring full function.


    • Porcelain Veneers: Your teeth can be healthy yet still unevenly spaced or poorly shaped. Micro-thin porcelain veneers are custom fitted to your teeth. They cover your imperfections with a Hollywood perfect smile in just a few easy visits.


    • Whitening: The first step in any good cosmetic regimen is to have your teeth whitened. Just having your smile looking several shades brighter can transform its appearance without any other cosmetic treatments.



Take the next step for a beautiful teeth and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kim and associates. Together, we can develop a plan to make your smile shine!

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