Experience New Teeth with Colleyville Dental Implants

There are a number of reasons why people struggle with missing teeth. Perhaps one was pulled due to a bad infection, or another knocked out in sports accident. Maybe gum disease runs in your family, and you lost your smile before you understood what was going on.

No matter why you have missing teeth, it’s important to your overall health and confidence to replace them.  While you might look at other traditional options such as dentures or partials, the truth is that dental implants are a superior treatment and the modern standard of care for addressing missing teeth.


Colleyville Implant Dentistry

Why implants? These permanent “artificial tooth roots” mimic the design and function of natural teeth. Instead of a partial, bridge, or denture that needs to be cared for differently, implants fit in with the rest of your smile; just care for them as if they were natural teeth.

Plus, they last for several years. Due to their design, implants fuse with the bone, making them more stable than real tooth roots due. The majority of dental implant patients can expect their implants to last for decades.


More Than One Missing Tooth?

The great thing about implants is that they can replace individual teeth or full arches of them.  Their strength allows implants to be used in pairs, with as few as four implants supporting a full arch denture. Each one is set into the mouth near where your previous tooth stood. Local anesthetic is all that is necessary – most people say it’s easier than having a tooth pulled – but sedation dentistry is always available upon request.

Whether you’re ready to get dental implants or just want to find out if you’re a candidate, call Signature Dental Arts in Colleyville for a consultation. We can answer all your questions and start you on the road to excellent dental health!

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