General Family Dentistry in Colleyville


At Dr. Kim and Associates dental office, we take a modern approach to dentistry. But even though techniques and technology has evolved, the way your mouth is made has not!

We continue to offer a full range of general dentistry services for our patients with the hope that we can help each patient to acquire and maintain an excellent level of dental health! Our General Dentistry offerings include:

    • Dental Bridges: Lost teeth or extra-large gaps between them can be problematic, allowing teeth to move, lean, and turn. Dental bridges look like a tooth and fill the gap space, stabilizing the bite and surrounding teeth. Made with the same strong material as dental crowns, bridges can last for many years with the proper care!


    • Preventive Cleanings are your powerful defense against the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. Our dental hygienists will clean and polish your teeth removing any tartar buildup and checking the health of your gums to screen for periodontal disease. Make sure you get your teeth cleaned twice a year!


    • Custom Dentures: Aging happens all over your body, including your teeth. Traditional dentures are custom made to ensure a proper fit, but implant supported dentures are available too! Ask Dr. Kim which is the best choice for you!


    • Handmade Dental Crowns: After a root canal or a particularly large cavity, you’ll need a crown. Dental crowns are made of strong materials capable of withstanding bite forces. You can keep the healthy portion of your tooth intact, while smiling with confidence and enjoying all of your favorite foods.


    • Minimally Invasive Fillings: Remember the dull gray metallic looking fillings of your childhood? Modern materials like composite resin, a combination of plastics and fine glass particles are light in color, and match your teeth. You’ll be able to smile and laugh without showing off a metallic mouth!


    • Sedation Dentistry: Dental anxiety is a real problem for everyday people, and it keeps patients from getting the dental care that they need. Dr Hyung Kim wants to work with you to overcome your fear of the dental chair. Using proven, safe medications, he will be able to work on your teeth while you relax!


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