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Colleyville Full and Partial Dentures

As you get older, your body changes. Your vision and hearing, your joints, your skin, and even your teeth may lose the vigor and health of your youth.  

If you were hard on your teeth when you were younger, not flossing, skipping cleanings, letting broken teeth go without repair, you may find that you’re starting to have trouble with your oral health as you age. When your teeth begin to fail you or it’s time to have them removed, it’s time to talk to Dr. Kim at Signature Dental Arts about having a denture made.


Dentures: Efficient and Affordable

Full dentures are traditionally the next step for patients who are experiencing large scale impact of tooth loss. Our Colleyville dentures are designed to efficiently replace all of your upper or lower teeth at once. Each removable prosthesis is crafted from durable, aesthetic materials. This is essential, so that you can continue to eat with confidence and maintain a balanced diet.

Secondarily, your teeth are essential to speaking properly. You may have a small learning curve to keep your dentures seated while you speak, but practice makes perfect.

Finally, getting dentures means you don’t have to feel embarrassed about not having teeth. You can smile wide and laugh out loud with no hesitation!


A Custom Fit for You

The best dentures are custom made to fit in your jaw and opposite teeth. Dr. Hyung Kim will take precise measurements, shade specifications, and impressions to create a great fitting denture for your mouth.

Partial dentures are also available, so that you can preserve remaining natural teeth while replacing only the ones that are missing. Or, choose implant supported dentures for a permanently stable alternative.   

When you’re ready to talk dentures, call Signature Dental Arts of Colleyville. Your dentures will be custom made for smiling and your budget!

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