Custom Dental Bridges in Colleyville, TX

A dental bridge does just what it says: it spans the gap between two teeth, filling in the space left by missing ones. No matter the reason for your missing tooth, a bridge is an excellent restorative choice. Even if you’re considering leaving the space there, consider the results of having extra space in your smile. Here are three reasons to replace your tooth as quickly as possible:

  1. Bridges Help You Speak: Missing teeth create a change in the way you form sounds. You don’t say words as clearly as you once did.  Perhaps after some time you either stopped noticing or subconsciously developed a work around for those sounds. Placing a bridge will allow your tongue to enunciate all the sounds just like you used to!
  2. Bridges Help You Chew: You subconsciously compensate for broken or missing teeth, chewing on one side or the other. Unfortunately, with an open space, the force of your bite is distributed to the surrounding teeth, causing them to wear down prematurely.
  3. Bridges are Placeholders. Just one missing tooth causes its neighbors to move or lean in which, in turn, changes your bite alignment by moving the teeth across your entire mouth.
  4. Bridges Help Your Smile: Missing teeth in the front of your mouth can make you fell self-conscious. You might even find yourself not showing your teeth when you smile.  A bridge is a great, straightforward way to fix your smile.

How Long Does It Take?

Bridges are custom dental restorations, typically consisting of three or four joined crowns. Two crowns, or abutments, are made to fit over existing healthy teeth, while the third will “float” over your gumline. They can also be anchored on top of dental implants.

Dr. Kim will use one appointment to take impressions to make the bridge, and one to place the final restoration. The entire process takes about two hours over the course of both appointments.  If your think a bridge is your next step, call our Colleyville dentist to schedule your consultation today.

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