Full Mouth Reconstruction and Restoration

The bacteria from one decayed tooth can spread through your mouth and affect all the other parts of your smile. This is one reason why it is so important to have your examined every six months, and to take care of cavities immediately. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and not everyone is able to give their teeth the attention that they deserve. When time has taken a toll – or you’ve finally overcome the nervousness of calling a dentist – full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation may be what’s in store!


Who Needs Full Mouth Restoration?

Full restorations and rehabilitation are a great choice for people with multiple dental problems. If you have many teeth missing or damaged, you might be a good candidate.  

At Signature Dental, we focus on maintaining all the healthy teeth when possible. Custom restorations act to support and restore the natural teeth, support the bone structure of the jaw, to provide new teeth when necessary. Your restorations may include a combination of implants, crowns, or other restorative and cosmetic treatments. The final goal is to restore full function (and beauty) to your mouth.


Anxious, But Need Restorative Treatment?

Has dental anxiety kept you from getting to the dentist? Don’t let it keep you any longer. Dr. Kim is pleased to offer several levels of sedation to his patients to help them feel more comfortable during their visit. If your teeth need more than basic treatment or multiple visits, it could be time for you to pursue a combination of methods along with sedation to confidently restore your smile.


Colleyville Dentist Offers Full Restoration

Whether you’ve been one of our patients for a long time or are looking for a dentist that provides full mouth rehabilitation , contact our Colleyville office. Dr. Kim will work with you to determine the right treatment plan for your needs and budget!

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