Comfortable Dental Fillings in Colleyville

We know that the last thing you want to hear at your dental exam is, “Well, I see an area of decay here on your tooth.” But unfortunately, it happens sometimes.

At Signature Dental Arts in Colleyville, we take extra steps to make everything about your filling appointment as comfortable as possible. Your minimally-invasive white fillings will look and feel great, giving you the added confidence of knowing you’ve experienced the best care possible.


Fillings Made from Durable, Cosmetic Materials

If you or your parents had fillings before the turn of the millennium, you likely remember the dark, metallic, amalgam fillings that were made with mercury. That’s no longer the case; the best and most modern material for our patients is a composite resin, composed of plastics and finely ground glass. This material is light in color and matches your teeth perfectly. More importantly, it is strong and protects your teeth from further decay.


What Happens During the Treatment?

Fillings can be performed with local anesthesia only, or with a sedative like nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation. You’ll be able to relax in our comfortable chair with a pillow and blanket, while watching a movie or your favorite TV show. After Dr. Kim removes the damaged portion of your tooth, he’ll reconstruct the compromised area with the tooth colored composite and use a bright light to cure it in place. Although the procedure itself isn’t very long, you’ll want to give yourself a few hours for the local anesthetic to fully wear off.

Whether you’ve been told you have a cavity or you can feel something going on with a tooth, it’s best to have it treated sooner (when the problem is smaller.) Make your appointment with Signature Dental Arts for gentle, comfortable dental treatment.

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