Cosmetic Dental Recontouring in DFW

Not everyone is born with straight, perfect teeth. Sometimes genetics causes problems and permanent teeth look uneven or misshaped. Other times, our teeth are affected by outside forces like thumb or pacifier sucking as a young child. Either way, crooked or misaligned teeth make you feel self-conscious and impact the first impression that you have on others.


What Is Cosmetic Recontouring?

When the overlap is very slight, it’s possible to correct it through the process of recontouring.  Dr. Kim will use special tools to shave extremely thin layers of enamel, to straighten the edges and contours of the teeth. Since only the outer layer enamel is removed, there is no negative impact to the integrity or health of your teeth. Your smile will look smoother and straighter, without multiple appointments or costly investments.


Why Should I Have This Treatment?

Recontouring your teeth is strictly a cosmetic procedure. In just one visit, you can increase your sense of pride and self-confidence. Some reasons you might consider recontouring for your teeth include

  • Uneven Edges
  • Slight Overlapping
  • Pitting or Bumps
  • Irregular Tooth Shape
  • Long Teeth


Pair Recontouring With Other Signature Dental ArtsServices

Dental recontouring is great on its own, but it’s also a significant compliment to other cosmetic treatments like dental veneers, bonding, and teeth whitening. During your makeover consultation, we’ll discuss how these services can be used alone or in combination with one another to help you achieve the look you’re searching for.

Correcting the contour of your teeth is a small procedure but can make a major difference in your smile and overall appearance. Signature Dental Arts can give you the best recontoured smile in Colleyville. Call our office today to schedule your consultation appointment!

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